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The best chocolates on the planet.
Made by a woman, of course!
Earcine Evans helps us
embrace the deep medicine
of African ancestors.
I developed my products from my childhood
experiences with my grandmother,
Francis, who was an herbalist/midwife.

Using all natural herbs, she helped to heal friends and neighbors near her
Mississippi farm.

She taught us that the best way to take care of one’s body is to eat garden fresh
food and use herbal medicine inside and outside the body.

While living in harmony with mother earth and enjoying the company of extended
family and friends, my husband Mark and I are reviving the garden previously owned
and used by my grandmother and great-grandmother.

Our farm is named the Francis Flowers and Herbs Farm in honor of my grandmother.

For years I owned hair and skin salons in California where I saw plenty of problem
hair, damaged hair, over-processed hair, and skin problems.   

When I could not find any commercial products to bring the hair and skin back to
health, I  developed my own herbal blends.   

I have turned these home-made recipes into a potent product line.   In working with
all types of hair and skin, I have found that everyone, regardless of race, needs the
same nutrients to maintain health and vitality.

My products are appropriate for all types of hair and skin.

This process I have developed is about more than just creating a business.  It is
about respecting and embracing the earth and all it has to offer.  It is about being
grateful and recognizing and remembering the full potential of all the good things
God has put on this earth for healing and enjoyment.

Some of the methods I use are from the wisdom and understanding used by the
ancients.  Things that got lost along the way as our culture shifted.  Too often
wisdom and practices from other cultures was discarded as backwards and
obsolete.  Now people are looking back and realizing we may have been short
sighted in throwing some of those things away.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because I was fortunate enough to grow up
in an environment where the women in my family passed down the knowledge that
they, and the generations before them had learned.  

My ancestors came from Africa.  Much of what I have learned is a blend of traditional
learnings that was shared amongst people in that whole geological region, including
Egypt.   I am fortunate that through oral history much of that wisdom has been
passed on to me.

The earth can yield so many beautiful gifts to us in ways we can't even begin to
imagine yet.  It is here to take care of us, and we are here to respect, cherish and
use the blessings it has to offer us.

Respecting and loving the earth starts with ourselves.  It starts with our minds and
our hearts and our bodies.   We can't effectively start to look outwards until we
address the basic issues within ourselves.   We have to make up our own minds
to respect and cherish ourselves.  We have to take care of ourselves and our
physical bodies.  Once we get ourselves in order, we will be able to affect all kinds
of good change in the world.  We have to embrace the Creator with love and thanks,
and with the health and positivity we have from taking good care of ourselves, we
will be able to offer ourselves up as Gods hands here on earth.  We will become
good tools.  We become co-creators in making manifest the blessings we were put
here to help create.  

My products are designed to bless and heal.  There are no toxins.  There are no
harmful chemicals.  There are no unnatural processes used in their creation.
I am putting to good use all the wisdom collected during my lifetime, and all the
wisdom that has been passed down to me by my ancestors.

Life is good.  I wish each and every person who reads this immense blessings and
joy and a clear path to using your gifts to become a co-creator with the Almighty.

Earcine Evans:
Entrepreneur, Farmer, Woman of Spirit
Thank Ewe for visiting!
Self exams & a mammosquish
could save your life!
Earcine shares more of her thoughts on traditional healing in
Women Who Write.
Visit our
Biz Women ~ The eMagazine For Women
“Luck is a
matter of

Oprah Winfrey
what you can,
what you have,
where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt
without honor
is an
it will satisfy
your hunger,
but it won't
taste good.  

~Joe Paterno
Cine' All Natural Hair & Skin Care products are reknown for their  
healing properties. All materials come from her
organic farm.

The herbs, flowers & essences are all meticulously hand grown on Francis Flowers &
Herbs Farm in Mississippi.   In order to create the highest quality ingredients for her
products, she uses a field broadcaster to distribute & maintain proper mineral levels
in the soil.  Maintaining the mineral levels in the soil creates the perfect content
ingredients for her products.   Talk about a woman who really goes the extra mile!  
We think Earcine might be the perfectionist poster woman of the year!
Try her recipe for a healing  Inner Beauty Tea
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